Rat Trap types – choosing best one.

Rat traps and rat poisons are 2 most widely used rodent removal methods. How to catch a rat in an apartment using one of these two principles, so that in any case it would not continue to host? To do this, it is absolutely necessary to fulfill the conditions for placing the rat trap device for catching and choosing the bait.

If we divide the mentioned devices into groups according to the principle of their operation, it turns out that best rat trap is among the following.

Electric rat traps

They come with a mechanical device. It can be a mouse trap when the trap door closes when the lock is released. Or a trap slamming a pest to death;
electronic trap for mice (rats). Where the triggering mechanism is volatile. Electric rat traps work for sure, each of them kills with electric current both large rodents and small ones.
The electric rat trap (mousetrap) is a reliable device that can be used in residential apartments.

The larger the trap in size, the more mice can be caught on it. If you are hunting a rat, you can screw it onto the screws or glue the base of the trap to the floor so that the larger rodent does not run away with the trap.

Glue Rat Traps

Glue traps from mice and rats can hardly be called a humane way to control pests. When the rodent sticks, it starts to make a loud and mournful squeak. He will not be able to get out, so he may die of thirst or hunger if you do not get rid of him earlier. An interesting fact: according to experts, rats alert their relatives with a squeak about danger, and other rats will bypass this place. For mice this is unnoticed. No wonder the rats are considered quite intelligent animals. Of course, you can peel it off, let it out and reuse the trap, but just imagine the whole process. In addition, a mouse or rat can easily bite you, so most often used traps are simply thrown out along with glued pests. If you are overwhelmed with pity and repentance, it will not be superfluous to recall all the harm that these dangerous pests can do to you, your family and your home.

Rodents reproduce very quickly, so if you notice even one individual, do not leave this fact unattended. Most likely there are many of her friends somewhere nearby, since such rodents do not live alone.

On sale you will find many glue traps from mice and rats of various manufacturers. Be sure to ensure that the composition does not contain hazardous toxic substances. So, you will protect against poisoning both yourself and curious pets that may be of interest to the trap. A high-quality non-toxic sticky trap cannot become a source of harmful fumes, therefore it can be used both in the apartment and together with food storage, for example, in a warehouse or cellar. So you now know how to choose best rat trap suitable for your case.

If you are not sure which method of rodent control to choose in your particular case, consult the seller in the store or read reviews on the effectiveness of various drugs on the Internet. You will be convinced that many users give their preference to glue from rodents, since it is really effective and safe for people to help forget about such a problem as mice and rats in your home.